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Heartland International, Inc. works with crop producers nationwide, along with their agronomists, seed, fertilizer, and chemical suppliers. The world-class CONKLIN® AgroVantage® System has been well represented with nearly half of all NCGA (National Corn Growers Assocation) yield champions, at both the state and national levels, being customers who use all or portions of the system. For a summary of how 24-Time NCGA National Yield Champion, Jerry Cox of Delta, Missouri, has integrated our products into his program to increase his farm-average corn yields by over 100 Bu/A, go to our website to request access to his presentation entitled, Breaking the 300 Bushel Corn Yield Barrier.

Developed through decades of field trials and national research.

AgroVantage® has become one of the most advanced and proven crop management systems available. That’s why the number of Certified Crop Advisors and progressive producers who recommend and use the AgroVantage® System continues to grow. Developed through more than two decades of field trials and national research, the AgroVantage® System will boost the genetic potential of your crops, increase yields, and maximize your return on investment. The AgroVantage® System is profitable and beneficial due to:​

  • In-depth soil testing. This helps identify soil’s limiting factors and recommends nutrients to positively impact yields.

  • Quality, proven products that maximize the potential of soil and seed genetics. With AgroVantage®, never spend input dollars on nutrients that plants won’t use.

  • On-going technical and practical training. Discover a completely different way of feeding plants.

These three progressive farmers have over 19 years of experience using the AgroVantage® products and program recommendations on over 12,500 acres of their farms. These are real farmers who have generated increased yields and reduced costs on their operations following these recommendations and concepts!

​​As Conklin continues to add growers who use the AgroVantage® System, along with more National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) national and state yield champions, Conklin is establishing itself as the crop management system of choice for today’s top producers. It is not always about big yields, it is also about lowering the cost per bushel of grain produced. That’s why you owe it to yourself to check out Conklin’s AgroVantage® System.



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